Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are your Green Products Certified Under "Eco Responsa"?

GreenTek Indika conducts comprehensive Environmental Audit of your Inputs, processes, outputs & other environment management practices and certify your product as compliant with the World's Best Ecologically Responsible Manufacturing Processes under our proprietary Eco Responsa©”  Assessment & Certification – the only Private, 100% Independent, III Party Environmental Assessment & Certification – for Green Products, Clean Processes & Eco-Friendly Activities of all Kinds, offered from India.


*Any product using Industrial, commercial or urban waste(s)/scrap-material(s)/recycled or recyclable materials/Renewable or Rapidly-Renewable material(s), as raw materials / inputs – partly or fully – to produce useful Product(s) OR any System(s) / Sub-System(s) will be certified as, “Green Product/s”.

*Any product manufactured using energy / water efficient manufacturing process(es) or otherwise any other resource(s) efficient, to produce useful Product(s) OR any System(s) / Sub-System(s) that results in Energy/Water Efficiency/Materials’ Savings, etc. will be certified as, “Eco-Friendly Product/s”.

*Any Building product - on usage or application - results in Energy/Water/Material Savings to the user/environment/society & / or aids better health will be certified as, “Green Building Product/s”.

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